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RRP: £7.99
5-7 yrs
The Silence Seeker
by Ben Morley
When a new family moves in next door, Joe's mum explains that they are asylum seekers. Joe hears that they are silence seekers, especially as Mum adds that they need peace and quiet. When he sees a young boy from the family sitting disconsolately on the steps, Joe decides to help him find a quiet place in the noisy and chaotic city.
Reviews of The Silence Seeker

‘Beautifully illustrated by Carl Pearce, with a resonating message that will encourage children to want to ask questions’
 (Bournemouth Daily Echo)

‘An original and thought-provoking story that explores the issue of asylum seekers in a truly engaging way’
 (Child Education Plus)

‘Pearce's manga-style art shows grungy urban scenes honestly’
 (Publishers Weekly)

‘Explores the vibrancy and diversity of city life through gritty, yet child-friendly illustrations that are beautifully atmospheric and evocative’
 (Booktrust Best Book Guide)

‘A touching book’
Alison Walsh (Independent on Sunday)