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Posted 15 July at 5:05 pm in Uncategorized

This morning Ben Morley, the author of The Silence Seeker, dropped into our office from Singapore during his holiday in London.

After a minute’s silence, Ben enthralled an audience with an intimate reading. The publicity director, managing director and production controller were among those who enjoyed the story and asked Ben questions. Although we can’t repeat the magic of the book read aloud, you can see a video Q & A with Ben below.

Ben signed copies of the book which you can win on Facebook and Twitter next week.

What inspired Ben to write The Silence Seeker

Ben Morley on… Favourite books

Ben Morley on… The Crown Prince of Brunei

Ben Morley on… Being a writer

Ben Morley on… Workshopping the book

Latest Posts on the Tamarind Blog
Latest Posts on the Tamarind Blog
Latest Posts on the Tamarind Blog
Posted 25 May at 11:19 am in Uncategorized

We love all our books, but if you need recommendations, here they are: 10 books every library and school must have! Click on the titles to find out more.

Dave and the Tooth Fairy

A classic! Former National Curriculum text celebrating over 15 years in print. Currently on Oxford Reading Tree.

Themes: jobs, losing teeth, Down’s Syndrome, wheelchair use, fairies

Choices, Choices…

A hilarious rhyming romp through careers for boys.

Themes: jobs, poetry, humour

Amina and the Shell

A tropical Thumbelina tale, highlighted in children’s book week 2009.

Themes:  climate change, giants, agriculture

The Day the Rains Fell

Stunningly illustrated tale about saving the environment highlighted in children’s book week 2010.

Themes:  environment, water, creation, animals, African jewellery and pottery

The Silence Seeker

An asylum seeker’s search for peace and quiet in the noisy city – a great book for discussion. 

Themes:  immigration, making friends, noises and silence, urban life, ESL, SEN

Miss Bubble’s Troubles

A clever class saves their beloved teacher in this rhyming story.

Themes:  humour, poetry, school, hospital, pets

Ferris Fleet the Wheelchair Wizard

Space, magic and wizards! Great junior fiction for boys. 

Themes:  space, humour, wheelchair use, single-parent family, working mums, moving house 

Accessible biographies of well-loved icons

Including Benjamin Zephaniah, Malorie Blackman and the Obamas. Click here to view all.

Themes:  Black History Month, non-fiction, biography, careers

Spike and Ali Enson

A tale of alien adoption.

Themes:  humour, aliens, sibling rivalry, adoption

The Young Chieftain

Pacey 11+ fiction where L.A. skater boy Jamie MacDoran faces up to an ancient Scottish legacy. 

Themes:  dual heritage, bereavement, family history, responsibility

And a little something for bed time…
The Night the Lights Went Out

A soothing, lyrical story for anyone who’s afraid of the dark.

Latest Posts on the Tamarind Blog
Latest Posts on the Tamarind Blog
Latest Posts on the Tamarind Blog
Posted 1 April at 2:41 pm in Uncategorized

Last month in this feature you met Odette Elliott, a picture book author. Once we have a powerful story, we turn to illustrators to bring them to life. Here’s a little bit from an illustrator extraordinaire, Carl Pearce.

Which books have you had published?
I’ve illustrated The Silence Seeker, Big Eyes, Scary Voice, Ferris Fleet and The Night The Lights Went Out for Tamarind as well as a tonne of educational and fun books elsewhere.

What inspired your artwork on The Silence Seeker?
The 1993 Michael Douglas movie ‘Falling Down’. The way that film looks is a big influence on a lot of my work. Also, a lot of the scenes in the story are actual places local to me in North Wales and Chester.

What you’d be if you weren’t an artist?
I don’t think I am an ‘artist’ but I would either be a fireman or a nature photographer somewhere interesting like South Africa or Northern Canada. I may still change jobs, you never know.

What are your hobbies?
Drawing, obviously. Watching movies, reading books and comics, being outdoors and on the beach and making stuff, like models, toys, pictures, a mess…

What are you reading at the moment?
211 Things A Bright Boy Can Do by Tom Cutler. It’s my bible.

What’s your favourite Tamarind book and why?
Can I be selfish and pick Big Eyes, Scary Voice, merely because I had so much fun ‘researching’ it in Cornwall in 2007. I took over 400 photographs of bits and pieces I wanted to add into the pictures on that book.

If you’d like to book Carl for a signing, drawing workshop or talk with questions and answers in your school or library, please contact Kelly Tapper in our publicity team on ktapper@randomhouse.co.uk or 020 8231 6648. Carl is based in North Wales.

Latest Posts on the Tamarind Blog
Latest Posts on the Tamarind Blog